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Timeless design is kind to the earth

Magisso's Cooling Ceramics are designed insightfully and ecologically to stand the test of time. They keep the beverage cool without any electricity and their materials' and colors' story begins well Before the Common Era. 

The first clay pots discovered to this day are from more than 17000 years BCE. They were found from caves in China. From what we know today, the Indus people were the first to glaze their pots around 3000 BCE. The Indus Civilization used ceramics to keep food fresh and water cool. On top of this, there also were clay figures, like the Venus of Dolní Věstonice, which go all the way back to 27000 BCE.

In the ancient dynasties of China, ceramic cooling pillows were used to drive evil spirits away. The pillows were popular gifts for occasions like weddings.

A few hundreds years later in Athens, the black-figure method of decorating the fine pottery became popular. The effect was created by carefully firing the pottery. First, the overall design was placed on the piece as an outline and, then, filled in with refined clay, which turned the selected figures black. The vases were used for fetching water, storing, drinking or transporting wine and serving food, not just for being admired at. 

Popularised from the era of Tang Dynasty, artists were using ink to make breathtaking pieces usually related to nature. The technique known as "ink wash painting" is still considered as a tradition in East-Asia. The artists experiment with different shades of black, and, the less brush strokes the better, even if the paintings did not necessarily look minimalistic.

Although this form of art only became popular during the Tang Dynasty (618-906), the ink itself was invented more than 4000 years ago. The first ink, that resembles what we have today, was invented in China and it was made by burning wood or oil and then mixing the outcome with water.   

As per today, black is a trendy design colour that has played a key role in design history - just as ceramics. Together they make a powerful and elegant kitchenware combination as summarised in Ambiente's latest blog about the season's festive table settings. Isn't it nice to be trendy and timeless the same time? Black ceramics are the kitchenware's "little black dress" that stylishly goes with anything and in all occasions. Have it only for keeps.  

Nea, Intern of Magisso


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