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Magisso for meaningful design

What a ride. It’s been already 14 years since we established Magisso – a company for meaningful design. Back then we felt strongly that world is full of “fast food” products which are low in quality and too often thrown into trash after a short use. This was – and still is – something we battle against.

But truth to be told, 14 years ago at least we thought of sustainability only through functional design and premium quality, designing products that last for years and that meaningful for the user by solving a everyday life problem in a fun way.

The world looks very different than back then. Companies’ and people’s minds are finally changing for better when it comes to preventing global warming or ethical and ecological responsibility. Magisso stopped developing or producing any plastic items three years ago and started to explore alternative, more sustainable material solutions. Currently, we are for example using different variations of biocomposites by UPM for making sure that our products – and the designs we are developing for large global companies – are not meaningful only for the functionality point of view but also from sustainability aspect.

In hindsight, we could have done this way earlier but better late than never. As one of my favorite Chinese saying goes: “The best time to plant a tree would have been 20 years ago, the second best option is now”.

So, we are as headstrong as ever with our meaningful design thinking but we are getting smarter with what is meaningful. Sustainability is like a seatbelt in a car – it’s not nice to have, it’s a must. Taking responsibility for the environment, that’s more meaningful than ever. Let’s do it together.

Juhani, CEO of Magisso

PS Did you notice our new website? Check it out as well and any questions, just let me know:


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