Treats served to pets today are mostly natural and organic. They expire fast. The Magisso Treat Jar lid is sealed to keep the content fresh and the scent of the treat inside the jar. You can even mark the date or type of content on the easy-to-clean matt glazed surface. The ceramic Treat Jar stores your furry friend’s favorite snacks in style to match your decor. The jars come in three vibrant colours.

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Simon Stevens
Cleaning and care instructions
Dishwasher safe
Product measurements
L: 14,0 cm W: 14,0 cm H: 19,7 cm
1,45 kg
1,8 l
L: 5.51 inch W: 5.51 inch H: 7.75 inch
3.19 oz
50.71 fl oz
Package measurements
L: 14,8 cm W: 14,8 cm H: 21,0 cm
1,58 kg
L: 5.28 inch W: 5.28 inch H: 8.26 inch
3.48 oz
Colors & item codes
Black 90112
Pink 90212
Blue 90312
dog treat jar
black jar
treats for dog

Keeps The Treats Fresh Longer!

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