The Magisso Sponge Holder keeps your kitchen sponge out of sight but always close with this stylish and functional kitchen sink accessory. An innovation that solves the eternal problem of where to store your sponge hygienically. With its unique double magnet fitting, it is easy to install to your sink without any tools. All you have to do is place the magnets on both sides of the sink and place the holder on the desired spot.

Stainless Steel, Magnets
Cleaning and care instructions
For stainless steel sinks and sinks with 3-5 mm wall thickness (ask from your sink supplier). Wipe with wet cloth and let dry thoroughly. Do not submerge.
Product measurements
L: 7,0 cm W: 5,0 cm H: 7,5 cm
0,19 kg
L: 2.80 inch W: 2.00 inch H: 3.00 inch
0.42 oz
Package measurements
L: 11,8 cm W: 10,0 cm H: 7,0 cm
0,26 kg
L: 4.60 inch W: 3.90 inch H: 2.80 inch
0.57 oz
Colors & item codes
Steel 70106
magisso sink
sponge holder sinkware

The Sponge Holder will fit also to round kitchen sink. Neat, right?