The Magisso Pino Wine Glass has an innovative, short stem design which lowers the center of gravity and makes the glass more stable. The extra glass weight at the base works as an insulator therefore hands won’t warm the drink when holding the glass. Thanks to the short stem, the glasses fit effortlessly in the dishwasher. The Pino Glassware Collection is fully stackable to make storing and service more efficient. Each piece is balanced for extra stability and better user experience. The collection is mouth blown in Finland and made of 100% lead-free crystalline for maximum clarity and extreme durability.

Simon Stevens
Global Innovation Award 2017
Cleaning and care instructions
Dishwasher safe
Product measurements
L: 10,0 cm W: 10,0 cm H: 15,0 cm
0,28 kg
0,300 l
L: 3.93 inch W: 3.93 inch H: 5.90 inch
0.61 oz
10.14 fl oz
Package measurements
L: 20,0 cm W: 10,0 cm H: 16,0 cm
0,48 kg
L: 7.87 inch W: 3.93 inch H: 6.30 inch
1.05 oz
Colors & item codes
Transparent 70704
stackable glass
beer and wine glass

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