The slow eating Magisso X-Small Pet Bowl causes your pet to eat around the 3D shape helping them feel full while eating less. Paced eating prevents indigestion and bloating. The prolonged chewing helps dental hygiene by producing more saliva and promoting healthy gums and teeth. Simply soak the bowl in water for 60 seconds to activate the naturally cooling effect. The bowl will stay cool for hours keeping the food fresh and eliminating bacterial contamination.

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Cooling Ceramics
Simon Stevens
European Product Award ´18
Cleaning and care instructions
Dishwasher safe, let dry thoroughly, recommended to use coaster
Product measurements
L: 13,0 cm W: 13,0 cm H: 3,5 cm
0,28 kg
Package measurements
L: 13,7 cm W: 14,0 cm H: 4,0 cm
0,33 kg
Colors & item codes
Black 90110
Pink 90210
Blue 90310
bambi pet bowl
closeup pet bowl
cooling pet bowl
heart bowl
self cooling pet bowls

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magisso bambi pet bowl
pet bowl heart