Cutting Board Collect making food prep faster, easier and more fun. Bamboo board with two stainless steel collector compartments on both sides to transfer ingredients to the bowl, pan or the waste bin.

Use the collectors to collect and transfer ingredients. Collectors can be lightly fixed on the sides thanks to matching edges.

Bamboo is harder then normal woods and it has anti-bacterial properties. It also grows fast making it a sustainable material.

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Bamboo and Stainless steel
Simo Lahtinen
Cleaning and care instructions
Handwash and light oil treatment
Product measurements
L: 55.1 cm W: 26.1 cm H: 2.0 cm
1.5 kg
L: 21.7 inch W: 10.3 inch H: 0.7 inch
3.3 oz
Package measurements
L: 32.8 cm W: 26.4 cm H: 4.9 cm
1.8 kg
L: 12.9 inch W: 10.4 inch H: 1.9 inch
3.9 oz
Colors & item codes
Bamboo and Steel 70164