When you need to keep your wine at the perfect temperature, simply soak the Magisso Cooler in cold water for 60 seconds. As the water evaporates, it naturally cools the item and keeps contents cool for up to 4 hours. The longer the item sits in the open air – the cooler it becomes. To personalize, use chalk to create your very own design or write a message on the side of the matte black exterior. Add your favorite bottle of wine & enjoy!

Cooling Ceramics
Simon Stevens
Global Innovation Award
Cleaning and care instructions
Dishwasher safe, let dry thoroughly, recommended to use coaster.
Product measurements
L: 13,0 cm W: 13,0 cm H: 20,8 cm
1,28 kg
1,7 l
L: 5.11 inch W: 5.11 inch H: 8.18 inch
2.82 oz
57.48 fl oz
Package measurements
L: 13,4 cm W: 13,4 cm H: 22,0 cm
1,44 kg
L: 5.27 inch W: 5.27 inch H: 8.66 inch
3.17 oz
Colors & item codes
Black and white 70634
cooler magisso
wine cooler
wine bottle cooler
magisso coolers
chalk cooler terracotta
white line ceramics
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