The AERO Carafe exposes wine to maximum air flow as it is poured from a bottle through the modular sections of the AERO Carafe. This softens tannins rounding out texture and refreshes the wine. 


Lead free crystalline glass
Simon Stevens
Tableware International Award of Excellence Finalist 2019 "A fascinating mix of art and science."
Product measurements
L: 10 cm W: 10 cm H: 22 cm
0,73 kg
0,75 l
L: 3.9 inch W: 3.9 inch H: 8.6 inch
1.6 oz
25.3 fl oz
Package measurements
L: 10,5 cm W: 10,5 cm H: 23,9 cm
L: 4.1 inch W: 4.1 inch H: 9.4 inch
Colors & item codes
Clear 70502

Each modular section is 0,18 dl
to keep track of the consumption.

AERO carafe goes perfectly with our
Pino Wine Glass.

A great gift for any wine lover!