The story of Magisso started in 2008 with two guys, Juhani and Anssi. They wanted to start an international design company, with no prior knowledge of or experience in either design or international business.


What they did have, though, was a burning passion to solve pesky everyday problems and make life easier. For example, one puzzle that the guys constantly discussed was ‘where on earth can you place your dish cloth?’.

cloth kitchen

Indeed – in the olden days people would just casually fling their damp, bacteria-ridden kitchen cloth wherever: on top of the tap, next to the tap, maybe even inside their kitchen cabinets.

In 2009 Magisso launched the innovative magnetic Cloth Holder and immediately Juhani and Anssi knew they had found their niche: design that’s both breathtakingly beautiful and delightfully problem-solving.

Life is filled with small everyday problems and the iconic Cloth Holder was merely a first peek of what Magisso had in store. In 2011 the Magisso duo teamed up with Maria Kivijärvi, a rising designer talent.  The legendary Magisso Cake Server was born of a collaboration that would turn out to be the start of a multi-year, multi-product partnership between Magisso and Maria.

magisso cake server cake

The smart-yet-stunning Cake Server was an instant hit: to date it has pocketed 4 international design awards, its instructional video has gained a staggering 50 million views and – fun fact – it’s commonly regarded as the most common wedding gift in Finland. Don’t look it up, just take our word for it.

The Cake Server was followed by a string of hits, such as our unique tilting tea cup. Designed by Laura Bougdanos and Vesa Jääskö, the tea cup turned out to be a massive success that continues to be one of our best-sellers even today.

Don’t get us wrong – our office closets are filled with horrendous prototypes that shall never see the light of day for very good reasons. Yes, the start-up spirit has always been strong here at Magisso, and that means we go for it – if a product idea fails, that just means you’ll have gained the knowledge to make the next one even better.

Over 29 design awards later we still thrive from that same passion that fuelled Juhani and Anssi on that sunny day in September 2008 in Juhani’s apartment. For us every obstacle is an opportunity. We are driven by the desire to solve problems and create beautiful designs – for you.

Thank you for being a part of the Magisso story.