PINO Glassware Collection

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The upcoming Magisso Pino Glassware Collection is fully stackable to make storing and service more efficient. Each piece is balanced for extra stability and better user experience. The Magisso Pino Glassware is mouth blown by a classic Finnish glass maker Muurla with decades of experience and expertise. The Magisso Pino Glassware is made of lead-free crystalline for maximum clarity and durability. Dishwater safe.


The short stem design lowers the center of gravity and makes the glass more stable. This decreases breakage  and makes serving faster. The short stem design leaves more room in the dishwasher. Plus, the extra glass weight, further improves stability. It also works as insulator so hands won’t warm the wine in the glass.


Pino Pint offers a modern take on a classic shape. It is an ergonomic choice for all your favourite beverages. It´s stackable and durable.  
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