Magisso – Home Smart Home since 2008

We are the Finnish brand on a mission. We want to make a difference and we are looking for troubles – to solve. That’s what all Magisso products are about. They are unique in terms of function, design and user-friendliness as ideas grow from an actual need, not from the marketing department. As Finns in general, Magisso products are simple but smart. The Magisso Home products have already been noted by CNN, InStyle, GQ, Wired, Fast Company and Apartment Therapy and received some of the world’s most prestigious design awards. Kitchen is the heart of Home Smart Home, so that’s where you find us.


Our Designers

A team of talented designers who understand and value Finnish forms and function.

Maria Kivijärvi

Young Finnish designer of the Magisso Cake Servers and the Magisso Serving Set. Maria’s designs have already received numerous awards and global attention.

Hansol Kwon

Designer of the Magisso Balloon Whisk. Hansol Kwon has received the red dot: best of the best award in 2011.

Laura Bougdanos

The creator of Magisso Teacup Laura Bougdanos re-invents and designs household items with an eye to reduce the complexities of every day tasks.

Simon Stevens

The designer of the Magisso Black Terracotta series. An award winning product designer and a driving force in ceramic design. He has taught and lectured on the subject throughout the UK and is an admirer of the great Finnish designer and sculptor Tapio Wirkkala.

Juhani Sirén

Always on a lookout for new problems to solve in the kitchen. At the moment on a diet.

Vesa Jääskö

Vesa Jääskö has designed everything from mobile phones to bicycles and from industrial instruments to kitchen tools.

Miika Mansikkamaa

Inventor of the first patented Magisso product – the Magnetic Cloth Holder. Came up with the idea while playing with magnets and a door handle.